Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  We love the excitement of not knowing what the next Kicker Card will say.  Is there any way to keep adding new Kicker Cards to the game?  A second set maybe?

A: Funny you should ask.  The second set of Kicker Cards is scheduled for release June 2014.  This means you could potentially be playing over 108 rounds without ever seeing the same rule twice.  That’s pretty amazing.  I personally can’t think of another game that has that feature.


Q:   If I take a puck and no one notices, should I stop passing cards or continue to play?

A: If you are a stealth puck stealer, continue to pass cards as if you are still saving for your hand.  Eventually they will catch on, but it’s fun to sit back and see how long it will take them.


Q:  My brother, who is a former helicopter pilot, tends to hover over the pucks when he’s playing.  This really makes the rest of us mad.  Is this fair?

A: Puck hovering is a very serious offense and should not be tolerated in this or any game.  You may find it necessary to invoke the “Two buns on the chair” rule.  This rule states that until the first puck is taken from the table, all players must remain with two buns planted firmly on their chair.  I hope this helps.


Q:  How do I know what everyone else’s score is if I can’t see their score sheet?

A: The dealer has the discretion of having the players go around the table, left to right, announcing their score, before the deal begins.  Scores are not a secret and must be revealed upon request.


Q:  The dog ate one of our pucks and we are out of score sheets.  Where can we get more?

A: Dogs, pucks, and score sheets can be ordered at our online store.  We are currently out of stock on dogs.


Q:  How long does it normally take to play “DONKEY?”

A: Depends on if you are playing with "normal" people.   A game can be over in 25 minutes. With the maximum of 8 players, it could take a little longer.  It also depends on how skilled your “DONKEYS” are.  A good Donkey can drop players faster than a high school cheerleader.


Q:  My friends keep telling me that I’m addicted to “DONKEY.”  How can I tell if I really am?

A: BOL (Braying Out Loud). Tuck your ears up inside your hat, wear a long coat so no one can see the tail you just grew, and tell them to mind their own business.


Q:  The cards keep stacking up in front of a really slow player.  What should we do?

A: Wait.


Q:  Can a Donkey pull a “Fakie?”

A: Absolutely.  No one wants to see you lose more than a Donkey does.


Q:   My Kicker Card says that the player who lost the last round is a Donkey for this round.  What if the player actually earned his 6th letter and he really is now a Donkey?

A: Well, then in that case, you should really not talk to him/her.


Q:  A player grabbed a puck but had more than 4 cards in his hand.  I know he gets a letter, but since he shouldn't have grabbed the puck in the first place, why do I get penalized for not getting  a puck?

A: Because you're whining.


Q:  My sister is kind of short and has a hard time reaching the pucks.  Is it okay to put a puck closer to her because of her disadvantage?

A: Number one, you don't even have a sister.   If you don't like where you're sitting, be patient, there is a Kicker Card somewhere in the deck that will allow you to eventually change seats.  So the answer is "NO."


Q:  Two people are fighting over the last puck and have been on the floor wrestling for about 20 minutes.  Who pays to repair the broken window?

A: The slowest runner.


Q:  I pulled a "Fakie" without actually touching a puck, but the vibration of the table made it move, triggering a Grab-o-ganza.  Am I in trouble?

A: I think a judge would rule that "If you didn't must acquit."


Q:  A Donkey talked to me and all I did was say, "Mmm hmmm."  Is that considered talking?

A: Mmmm  Hmmm.


Q:  Little Johnny is a beginner at the game.  He isn't quite up to speed yet on puck grabbing.  Can someone else take a letter on his behalf to keep him in the game longer?

A: Uh, No. This is real life.   Johnny needs to toughen up and get the speed thing down.


Q:  Is it okay for a person to grab more than one puck and hand it to another player?

A: Dial 1-800-ARE-U-NUTS?


Q:  My son was a Donkey and pretended to fall off his chair.  When I asked him if he was okay, he said I was out for talking to him.

A: You have taught the young Jedi very well.  Hmmm, yes you have.


Q:  A Donkey says he announced himself as a Donkey, but I never heard it and I spoke to him.   The other players are saying I'm out!

A: Did they speak directly to you?  Because if they did, they're out too.


Q:  Can more than 8 players play at the same time?

A: Yes, but you will need more pucks which can be ordered at our online store.


Q:  Most of the folks here at the retirement home have trouble doing the challenges that require them to get out of their wheelchairs.   I say they should all get letters.  What is the rule?

A: One of our (many) mottos here at Cleveland Kids is “We don’t need no stinking rules”  This is why we don’t tell you how to arrange the pucks on the table and why the three of us spent so much time in the principal’s office.  Any Kicker Card can be modified or even omitted from play on a majority vote of the players.


Q:  A player got to make up a rule and she let all the Donkeys back in the game.  Since I wasn’t a Donkey, I got upset and everyone said I was displaying poor sportsmanship.  What do you think?

A: Never mind about your sportsmanship, you really need to work on your penmanship. I could hardly read your letter!  Any Kicker Card is only good for that round of play and does not continue into the next hand that is dealt.  Thank you for writing…if that’s what you call it.