Top Ten Reasons To Play “DONKEY


1.  When you’re playing “DONKEY” with a complete stranger and he tells you he’s a 13 year old kid in junior high school, chances are about 100 percent that he’s telling the truth.


2.  You know how you’re always trying to ignore your mother-in-law? Now’s your chance.


3.  The average player burns off 150 calories during the course of just one game. (I made that up but it’s probably true…maybe even more)


4.  Your grandmother will be really thrilled to know that someone is finally getting some use out of that dining room set she got for her wedding back in 1946.


5.  Even the most skilled teenager cannot text and play “DONKEY” at the same time.


6.  You haven’t seen your dad move this fast since the time your mother accidentally touched the remote control during a Super Bowl game.


7.  Someone is finally going to get to see that Elvis impersonation you’ve been practicing in front of the mirror all these years.


8.  “DONKEY” doesn’t take up any space on your hard drive.


9.  You call yourself a “Multi-tasker?” This game brings the concept to a whole new level.


10. Remember Pinocchio? Unlike the misbehaving boys from Pleasure Island who permanently turned into donkeys, once the game is over, you will turn back into nice boys (and girls), no matter how badly you behave.