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  • Donkey sweeps 3 prestigious awards at and receives the highest star rating! These awards include the eChoice award, The Toy Man Seal Of Approval, and the Award of Excellence! "Donkey - The Game, Kicks Some Serious Butt As The Most Exciting Game Ever To Date To Receive The Toy Man® Seal of Approval"


  • Skip Maloney From The Reviews Donkey It's A kick! "Chaotic Fun with a game called Donkey - It's A Kick!"



  • Donkey earns a fantastic evaluation report at! "This is the game that swept the game floor like a storm at GTS 2011"



  • John Moller Rates Donkey It's A Kick as one of the 10 best games of 2011 at  Cartrunk Entertainment! "The feeling when playing this game far surpasses the simplistic gameplay.  It's not about the widgets, it's about the social interaction of the players.  It's about the three letter f-word: FUN!"


  • Andy Vetromile reviewed the game over at! "You know those tables you see at game gatherings where everyone is in rapt attention to what's going on, and sometimes a roar of laughter goes up from that group?  Stop by and there's a good chance Donkey It's A Kick! is being played"


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