Donkey It’s A Kick! Converges on Seattle, Washington


Gamers from around the country will be heading for Seattle, WA to attend PAX 2011

Penny Arcade Expo 2011 will draw gamers from around the country and Cleveland Kids LLC will be right in the middle of the excitement. This three day game extravaganza is open to the public and will be held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, located at 800 Convention Place, in beautiful downtown Seattle.

The excitement kicks off on Friday, August 26th with ongoing Concerts, Panel Discussions, and an Exhibit Hall featuring all the latest in Table Top, Video, and PC Games. Cleveland Kids will have a live action table in the Free Gaming area located on the second floor. You can’t miss us, just  look for the bright red table and  the girls with the boots and cowboy hats.  Follow the  laughter from there. Our demo players are warmed up and ready for action and looking forward to recruiting some new hard core Donkey fans.

Cleveland Kids is proud to be partnering with George Harrison of  Ancient Wonders for this show, who has generously sponsored our gaming table.  We would like to thank Christian Kelly and all the people at  PAX who have helped us get ready for this great event and are looking forward to three days of off the top gaming.  Hope to see you there!


Video Action From Origins!



Donkeys Everywhere!

When Cleveland Kids decided to go to Ohio this year, we were excited about the opportunity to show our pride and joy, "Donkey   It's a Kick!' to the city of Columbus and the attendees of Origins Game Fair.   Knowing this was a four day event, we expected jet lag,  red eyes, tired feet, and endless hours standing in our Donkey stall (the booth)What we didn't expect, was to have the time of our lives!

From the minute we stepped off the plane we knew we'd come to a great city.  We ran into so many people that love games as much as we do, and have become like family to us. We received a hearty  welcome from the members and volunteers of GAMA who treated us royally.  The costumes people wore were fantastic!  We ran into Pirates, and Undersea Divers,  Lady Bugs, and Bumble Bees, Fairys, and Super Heroes.   And Donkeys. Hundreds of them!   Donkeys in every shape, size, and age group, proudly announcing, "I'm a Donkey!" as they set out to bring down the other players.  Our "stall"  was full the entire time with new players and players returning for a little bit of  "Donkey Revenge."

Everyone that sat down to play  "Donkey  It's a Kick" brought  a new element of fun to the game.  We taught the game to a seven-year-old boy named Sebastian who was having so much fun diving for the pucks that at one point the only part of him that wasn't on the table were the toes of his tennis shoes.  We got a great impersonation of Miley Cyrus by an eleven-year-old player named Maria who chose to perform an impersonation instead of adding a letter to her score.   Handlebar, Amber, Grace, Shaun, Erica, Riley, Jolly...the list goes on and on of people who brought so much energy to the game and made it so much fun.

The hours and the days flew by as we taught the basics of the game, which takes only  minutes to learn.  People from all walks of life came and went throughout the four day event  but the one thing that remained consistant is that  no one ever  walked away without a smile on their face. Tired feet?  Jet lag?  Didn't notice it.  Adrenoline kept us going and we never ended a day before midnight.  And the food in Columbus!   If you haven't been to The Schmidt House yet, put it on your list.  We lucked out and arrived right before a large tour bus.  Had the best German sausage ever and unfortunately were too full to end the meal with one of thier world famous cream puffs.   After that, we headed back to the Convention Center for more Donkey!  Met a great group of people at the Bar on Two and taught them the finer points of the game as Cleve (Our brother and partner) was interviewed on the local radio program.

We sold out the games we brought on the first day and if you happened to miss out on getting one, we are offering 10% off on all purchases made on-line between now and July 30th.  We brought back fond memories of a great city with great people, and will never forget our trip to Columbus and Origins Game Fair 2011.  It was awesome!

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